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14 March 2012

Online article ‘About Putin, oil, Russia and the Middle East, 14.3.2012

  About Putin, oil, Russia and the Middle East Online interview given by Nicholas Hagger to Yulia Netesova, Special Correspondent of Terra America, a leading Russian independent online publication on the US devoted to the analysis of American social, cultural and political life. Besides the US Terra America also focuses on global and regional trends linked to […]

7 March 2012

Review, A New Philosophy of Literature, Geoff Ward, 7.3.2012 Book Review: A New Philosophy of Literature: The Fundamental Theme and Unity of World Literature 7 March 2012 A New Philosophy of Literature – O Books Poet, philosopher and cultural historian Nicholas Hagger on the universalist literary tradition, from ancients to moderns, and its vision of the infinite. Western literary culture today certainly […]

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