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Collected Stories: A Thousand and One Mini-Stories or Verbal Paintings



Published by O Books in May 2007
ISBN 1846940273
Price £29.95/$59.95 Paperback


This book includes  four previously published volumes,

and a fifth volume,

  • In the Brilliant Autumn Sunshine (2007)

Click on the four previously published volumes for further details.

The fifth volume focuses on retirement.

Hagger’s total tally of stories is 1,001.


The Back Cover Says

Nicholas Hagger’s collected five volumes of some 1,000 very short stories here create a new genre: he symbolic or miniature story. Each story expresses eternal truth through an image conveyed in a vivid title, and can provide the reader with a complete literary experience in a few minutes. They make ideal reading for the train, in bed, in hospital or as a classroom text.

Each volume covers a decade, starting with the 1960s and ending with the 2000s, while each story stands on its own but chimes to a theme, the development being from horror to acceptance.



Collected Short Stories – List of short stories in Contents


New approach

Hagger’s short stories present a thousand experiences in the life of Philip Rawley spanning five decades. They reveal his quest for Reality and condemn the follies and vices of the Age. They bring a new approach to the short story and are very readable.


Nicholas Hagger