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13 August 2018

Review, The World Government, World State and World Constitution by Geoff Ward, 13.8.2018

  Book Review: The World Government, World State and World Constitution 13 August 2018 Book review by Geoff Ward The case for a World State to wipe out war and nuclear weapons and bring global peace and prosperity Since 1945, Nicholas Hagger points out, the UN has failed to prevent 162 wars and the proliferation […]

19 July 2018

Entry for the 10th edition of 2000 Intellectuals of the 21st Century

HAGGER Nicholas Osborne, b. 22 May 1939, London, England. British Poet; Verse Dramatist; Short Story Writer; Lecturer; Author; Man of Letters; Philosopher; Cultural Historian. m. (1) Caroline Virginia Mary Nixon, 1961, 1 daughter, (2) Madeline Ann Johnson, 1974, 2 sons. Education: MA English Literature, Worcester College, Oxford, 1958-61. Appointments: Lecturer in English, University of Baghdad, […]

11 July 2018

Global Unity through a World State and a World Constitution, 11 July 2018

Text of essay published by Kosmos Quarterly: journal for global transformation Since the Second World War the UN has failed to prevent 162 wars and there are right now 72 wars being fought which the UN has failed to stop. And there are 14,900 nuclear weapons in the world. When I was born there were […]

24 April 2018

The Guardian Series: My memories of the day Churchill came to Loughton, 10 April 2018

Article by Nicholas Hagger for the Guardian Series about Winston Churchill’s visit to Loughton in 1945 NB: Churchill visited Loughton on Saturday 16 June 1945, the “Saturday” in the 1945 article, not on Monday 25 June (typographical error)

24 April 2018

Article in The OC Mitre, 2017

Please see the link below for the article in The OC Mitre, p.35, about The Gusi Peace Prize for Literature 2016 and Peace for our Time  

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