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A Smell of Leaves and Summer: Collected Stories, Volume 2


Published by Element in 1995
ISBN: 1852306505
Price  £19.99/$35.00


Publisher’s Outline

The second volume in a series of four includes the stories Nicholas Hagger penned during the 1970s. They explore spiritual reality.


The Front Flap Says

The philosopher-poet Nicholas Hagger’s first volume of short stories, A Spade Fresh with Mud, covered his writings of the late 1960s and early 70s.

In 1971 he embarked on a unique quest to find the Light, the reality behind the universe. After momentous travels through the countries of the Middle and Far East, and a Dark Night in Libya, he experienced a month of profound mystic illumination by the Light in London in 1971. The stories in this second volume cover the period following this shattering and life-changing experience.

The world he depicts in these pithy, acute stories teems with vitality. His enlightened vision of men and women and the lives they lead on this planet brings us penetrating and compassionate insights into the human condition. Revealed, too, is the reality beneath the surface – the Being behind the becoming – that is never very far away.

Nicholas Hagger offers us a unique, synthesising and inspiring vision within everyday life of the aspirations that have shaped history down the ages.


New approach

Hagger’s short stories present a thousand experiences in the life of Philip Rawley spanning five decades. They reveal his quest for Reality and condemn the follies and vices of the Age. They bring a new approach to the short story and are very readable.


Nicholas Hagger