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A Spade Fresh with Mud, Collected Stories, Volume 1


Published by Element in 1995
ISBN 1852306378
Price £19.99/$40.00 (Can $49.99) Hardback


Publisher’s Outline

The first volume in a series of four includes the stories Nicholas Hagger penned during the 1960s and early 1970s. They state the horror of the materialist outlook and seek meaning.


The Front Flap Says

Vivid, compact and uplifting, these deftly crafted short stories by a scholar and writer of rare intellect and learning are supreme vignettes of human life. Written in the tradition of Hemingway’s ‘The Revolutionist’ and ‘Cat in the Rain’, Nicholas Hagger’s portrait miniatures lift the veil on the richly textured lives of men and women in all walks of life. Writing with masterly economy, he reveals and illuminates the essential truths of mankind.

Their brevity, strongly reminiscent of Joycean ‘epiphanies’, makes these short stories perfect travelling or bedtime reading.


New approach

Hagger’s short stories present a thousand experiences in the life of Philip Rawley spanning five decades. They reveal his quest for Reality and condemn the follies and vices of the Age. They bring a new approach to the short story and are very readable.


Nicholas Hagger