19 April 2012


Recent news relating to Nicholas Hagger’s books


My World View

A presentation by Nicholas Hagger given on 9 May 2018 for Loughton Festival


Visions of England

Poems Selected by The Earl of Burford

Published by O Books on 25 January 2019


King Charles the Wise

The Triumph of Universal Peace

Published by O Books on 14 December 2018


World Constitution

Constitution for the United Federation of the World

Published by O Books on 29 June 2018


World State

Introduction to the United Federation of the World

How a democratically-elected World Government can replace the UN and bring peace

Published by O Books on 29 June 2018


Peace for our Time

A Reflection on War and Peace and a Third World War

Published by O Books on 30 March 2018


Nicholas Hagger received the Gusi Peace Prize 2016 for Literature in Manila, the Philippines on 23 November 2016

(see https://www.facebook.com/gusipeaceprize/)


Nicholas Hagger interviewed (podcast) by Steve Nobel on The Secret American Destiny, published on 17 November 2016. This is the third book in his American trilogy. The first book in the trilogy, The Secret Founding of America (2007) is reissued on the same date. The second book in the trilogy was The Secret American Dream (2011)


Nicholas Hagger interviewed on his literary works by Dan Schneider, American literary critic, Saturday 15 October 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wciGmi1nZHU.


The University of Essex (The Albert Sloman Library) has taken delivery of the second tranche of Nicholas Hagger’s archive of literary works (manuscripts and papers) on permanent deposit as a Special Collection.

The 97-page catalogue of 56 boxes can be viewed at http://libwww.essex.ac.uk/speccol.htm. From Named Collections scroll down to Nicholas Hagger Archive and click on Catalogue at the foot of the paragraph. It has a searchable option and some 139 scans of sample manuscript pages can be viewed at http://libwww.essex.ac.uk/Archives/Nicholas_Hagger/Hagger.html. More tranches are to follow in future.

For details see the Archive page.


The First Dazzling Chill of Winter, published 25 November 2016

Life Cycle and Other New Poems 2006 – 2016,  published 25 November 2016


The Secret Founding of America, first book in the American trilogy, republished 17 November 2016

The Secret American Destiny, final book in the American trilogy,  published 17 November 2016


A poet with a a vision of the infinite who calls for a revolution in literature, by Geoff Ward, March 2016. Geoff Ward is an author, journalist, editor, media consultant, lecturer and tutor in literature and creative writing (MA Lit.), and a musician



Selected Stories: Follies and Vices of the Modern Elizabethan Age,  published 12 December 2015

Selected Poems: Quest for the One, published 12 December 2015


The Dream of Europa: The Triumph of Peace,  published 12 December 2015


Nicholas Hagger visits Asa Briggs on 24 April 2015


Conscious TV Interview, Nicholas Hagger interviewed by Iain McNay, 14 April 2015


My Double Life 1: This Dark Wood, published 27 March 2015

My Double Life 2: A Rainbow over the Hills, published 27 March 2015

A review of My Double Life 1 and 2 by Wendy Stokes is available on MBS Circle Network








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