Opening up a path to a peaceful world free of tyranny

By Geoff Ward, 26 April 2024,
Opening up a path to a peaceful world free of tyranny | by Geoff Ward | Apr, 2024 | Medium

Hopes are raised for the creation of a democratic and peaceful world state under an emergency appeal now being made to all national parliaments to support formation of a new World Assembly.

A World Inter-Parliamentary Forum is being proposed by the Supreme Council of Humanity (SCH) under the umbrella organisation of the Universal State of the Earth (USE), the platform for a new non-authoritarian World State advocated by the English cultural historian and philosopher Nicholas Hagger, who is chairman of the SCH.

The USE was launched by Hagger, in conjunction with the President and CEO of the World Philosophical Forum, the Russian Igor Kondrashin, at a WPF convention in Athens in 2015.

The primary task before humanity, the appeal states, ‘consists of gathering the best-thinking minds endowed with power by voters in a single supranational, supra-religious world body, a World State that is free from the shackles and ignorance of the current world leaders’.

An analysis of recent events in all continents shows that confrontations between states seeking to increase their power is constantly increasing tension, but the current world order lacks the understanding to solve the spreading global problems.

The main goal of the appeal is to bring to the world community’s collective attention the uncontrollable growth of current problems: ‘Failure to solve these would be tragic for every inhabitant of planet earth, for all humanity. The politically active, vigorous thinkers within humanity must find a way of eliminating the root causes of the growing problems to prevent humanity destroying itself and all life on our planet.’

It is proposed to appoint Ban Ki-moon, a former secretary-general of the UN, as the Honorary President of the World Inter-Parliamentary Forum (WIF), and Irina Bokova, a former secretary-general of UNESCO, as the Honorary Secretary General. The historic first meeting of the WIF permanent Assembly is planned to be held in the symbolic ancient ‘Centre of the Earth’, the city of Delphi in Greece.

Heading off a Third World War

This World Assembly, envisaged by Hagger as a ‘rival UN’ based on national parliaments, would seek a beneficent multipolar World State offering long-term benefits in heading off a Third World War and ‘preserving the earth and humankind’s safe cohabitation’.

A multipolar system would form regional hegemonies around the ‘poles’ of major powers. Equal powers (based on where power currently lies) would cooperate in a way that serves their own interests and the interests of the world economy and world goals (based on improving the world that exists today).

Hagger has asked Eleanor Laing, Deputy Speaker of the UK Parliament, to distribute the appeal to relevant UK parliamentarians, together with a covering letter from the WPF calling for a new World Order to end confrontations between states in the coming decade.

Nicholas Hagger

‘It could be that a multipolar new World Order and World State will grow out of the WIF, which is an alternative way to the World Economic Forum,’ said Hagger.

‘You know that forums are behind the scenes, and that the most powerful forum at present is the World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab, who co-introduced the Great Reset with (then) Prince Charles on June 4, 2020.

‘Schwab has since made some very questionable statements on his view of the immediate future, eg, “You will own nothing, have no privacy … and be happy!” This new forum, the new WIF, may be able to bridge the existing position of the East and the West’s dubious blurring of digital, physical and biological systems under the WEF.’

Hagger visited Russia in April, 2019, and spoke in the Civic Chamber, a mile or so from the Kremlin, to 250 Russians, including a number in military uniform, on world peace in relation to his books. He was approached by three advisors to President Vladimir Putin and asked to sign copies of his (Hagger’s) books, World State and World Constitution, published in 2018, to him.

Hagger was emailed requesting an interview about his books to go out to India on October 9, 2022, but when it happened he was told the broadcast would be going out not to India, but to the whole of Russia for two hours, starting immediately.

Message to the Russian people

‘Thinking Putin might be behind this and that the approach might have something to do with my chairmanship of the SCH I went along with it,’ said Hagger, ‘and when asked if I had a message to the Russian people I said at some length that Russia should get out of Ukraine and join a multipolar new World Order that could bring in a time of peace. Putin echoed many of my points in his three-hour speech to Club Valdai on October 24, 2022.

‘As I see it, the new WIF will be based on Western democratic values and eventually echo my World State, which is based on a World Parliament; and will attempt to absorb and cope with the confrontational tyrannies out there (Russia, China and Iran).’

Hagger drew attention to a recent article in the London Times (April 9, 2024) which reported that Putin and Xi Jinping, President of China, were calling for the multilateral new World Order which Hagger put forward in his books World State and World Constitution, and covered in his recent work The Golden Phoenix.

‘I am not naïve,’ Hagger added. ‘I have always been good at adopting a position that reconciles conflicting views. I realise that at the present time there is a tendency to have no dealings with states like China, Iran and Russia, and to endorse a cycle of confrontation and retaliation that leads to unstoppable war.

‘But there is another course that may require new thinking and in that spirit I have set out what is happening. There is a possible way forward for future cohabitation and a fresh start after the confrontation and retaliation which has created mountains of rubble in the Ukraine and the Middle East. I wonder if far-sighted thinking wants to involve me, despite my age, in a way forward to create a new world.’

Nicholas Hagger, the author of more than sixty books, is a prolific man of letters. He has lectured at universities in Iraq, Libya and in Japan where he was a professor of English literature. He has written innovatory works on literature, history, philosophy and international politics, and his substantial literary output includes more than 2,500 poems, two poetic epics, five verse plays, three masques, two travelogues and more than 1,400 short stories. He has studied Islamic and Oriental philosophy, and has led a group of universalist philosophers.

His archive of papers and manuscripts is held as a special collection in the Albert Sloman Library at the University of Essex. In 2016, he was awarded the Gusi Peace Prize for Literature, and in 2019 the BRICS silver medal for ‘Vision for Future’.

Nicholas Hagger