Bird´s Eye View


Nicholas Hagger has had 57 books published since 1991.1

His literary works include nearly 1,700 collected lyrical and reflective poems, over 300 classical odes, two poetic epics, five verse plays, two masques and 1,200 collected stories; and a literary investigation of the fundamental theme in world literature. He has written three works of autobiography, diaries, and literary travelogues which can also be classified as eyewitness history.

His mystical writings state the oneness of the mystical tradition and of the universe.

His works of history identify a pattern of rising and falling civilisations (a law of history) and consider whether they will pass into a worldwide civilisation for a while. His five historical investigations interpret contemporary world history and the influence of secretive élitist organisations on Western revolutions and world events.

His comparative religion presents the essence of the world’s religions, the inward experience of the Light which is common to all.

His philosophy, Universalism, moves away from modern philosophy’s concern with logic and language and identifies a law of order in the universe, a manifestation from the infinite that pre-dated the Big Bang. In his work Absolute Nothingness is a Plenitude rather than an emptiness, a pre-cosmological ultimate Reality that is infinite and eternal and contains within it the potential for Being.

In international relations/statecraft, in three works of political philosophy he has outlined a blueprint for a World State and altruistic global governance.

His writings on culture have stated the underlying unity of world culture.

His literary, historical and philosophical works are cross-disciplinary and interconnected.

Nicholas Hagger