Radio and television interviews, speeches and lectures by Nicholas Hagger, 1972 – 2011

These interviews, speeches and lectures are on audio cassette tapes, microcassettes, VHS tapes and a floppy disc, and are/will soon be lodged in named boxes in Nicholas Hagger’s archive at the University of Essex (The Albert Sloman Library) and can in due course be listened to there. This list is for information/reference, to indicate that these sources exist in the archive.


  1. Personal speeches/interviews on books/lectures
  • Microcassette tape of Nicholas Hagger interviewing President Jumbe of Zanzibar, 19 September 1972 (in Life Box in Archive)
  • Audio cassette tape of Nicholas Hagger’s speech at the launch of Scargill the Stalinist? on 29 November 1984 (in Box in Archive)
  • BBC World Service Radio, audio cassette tape of Nicholas Hagger’s speech on FREE, appealing live to all behind the Iron Curtain to liberate East Europe, at launch of Budapest Betrayed on 4 November 1986 (in Life Box in Archive)
  • VHS and DVD of launch of Nicholas Hagger’s The Fire and the Stones and Selected Poems: A Metaphysical’s Way of Fire, which contain speeches by Nicholas Hagger, Kathleen Raine, David Gascoyne and Asa Briggs, 22 April 1991 (in Box 38 in Archive)
  • Two audio cassette tapes of Winchester lecture by Nicholas Hagger, ‘Illumination and Metaphysics’, 10 April 1992 (in Box 51 in Archive)
  • Floppy disk of Nicholas Hagger’s speech to Old Chigwellians, 23 February 1993 (in Life Box in Archive)
  • Greater London Radio, audio cassette tape, interviewed by Peter Curran on The Universe and the Light, the Light/Metaphysical Revolution, on 29 March 1993 (in Box 51 in Archive)
  • BBC Radio Solent, audio cassette tape, interviewed by Richard Cartridge on The Syndicate, 19 October 2004 (in Box 45 in Archive)
  • Talkstar Radio, US, audio cassette tape, interviewed on The Syndicate, by Chuck Harder, 10 November 2005 (in Box 45 in Archive)
  • Two CDs titled lectures and articles (by Nicholas Hagger) up to 2005 (in CDs in Archive)
  • BBS Radio, microcassette tape, interviewed for one hour on The Syndicate, live for a global audience, 24 February 2008 (in Box 45 in Archive)
  • Two microcassette tapes of Powerpoint presentation by Nicholas Hagger on The New Philosophy of Universalism to the Scientific and Medical Networks’s London group, 19 April 2011 (in Box 52 in Archive)


  1. Interviews relating to Otley Hall (all in Life Boxes)
  • BBC Radio Suffolk, 2 audio cassette tapes, interviewed on Otley Hall by John Eley, on 30 September 1997
  • TV Channel 4, Collector’s Lot at Otley Hall, aired on 8 December 1997; Nicholas Hagger shown, filmed on 18-19 November 1997
  • BBC Radio Suffolk, interviewed by David Webb on 31 January 2000, 4 parts, only 2 on tape, and note from David Webb: “Many thanks Nicholas, Hope to see you another time – perhaps early summer for the bits that didn’t come out. Regards David Webb.”
  • David Webb’s interview with Nicholas Hagger at Otley Hall on 31 January 2000
  • BBC Radio Suffolk, interviewed by Marie Norton, April 2000
  • TV BBC1, Look East, interviewed at Otley Hall on 20 October 2000
  • TV BBC 1, Look East, interviewed at Otley Hall on 15 May 2002
  • Radio programme by David Webb, ‘A Fair Isle for Martha’, 26 August 2002, with several snippets from interview of 31 January 2000
  • Also BBC Radio 4, programme on Otley Hall, 16 March 2007, Nicholas Hagger not mentioned (having sold Otley Hall in 2004)
  • Six VHS cassettes of Nicholas Hagger on camera talking about Otley Hall and the Gosnolds, appeared on Cape Cod TV in three parts, these cassettes should cover parts 1, 2 and 3, titled ‘Tales of Cape Cod’, 31 August – 2 September 2000
Nicholas Hagger