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Review of My Double Life 1: This Dark Wood and My Double Life 2: A Rainbow over the Hills by Wendy Stokes, dated 17 May 2019

My Double Life 1: This Dark Wood

My Double Life 2: A Rainbow Over The Hills

A two-volume autobiography by Nicholas Hagger

This is an autobiography to beat all other autobiographies! My Double Life Volume 1 ‘This Dark Wood’ alone is a whopping 642 pages in length and it leaves the reader hungry for more. My Double Life Volume 2: A Rainbow Over The Hills continues to delight – and is even longer at over 1,000 pages.

It’s amazing what one person can achieve in a lifetime. And it is equally amazing and such a rarity that a superbly written and intense autobiography about the real-life thrills of double-dealing and espionage can also have such a spiritual undertone.

His considerable writing abilities and vast experience enable the author to explain many complex topics in detail with ease and grace.

Nicholas Hagger was named by Kathleen Raine as ‘Servant of the Sacred Flame’. His most recent aim is to bring English poetry back to its metaphysical roots. In addition, he is a polymath; a prolific and talented writer of plays, short stories and full-length books on a very wide range of topics.

The text in these tomes is peppered with poems and quotes from classical works which inform his ideas and beliefs. Though an intellectual, he also is highly practical and combines these leanings with mystical interests. He finds intricate patterns in life and describes numinous, spiritual and otherworldly experiences, such as premonitions and visions.

He relates many extraordinary incidents from his childhood and university days and his dangerous work in Iraq, Japan and China. He reveals, while working undercover as a teacher and journalist, he acted as an espionage agent and suffered a deep personal betrayal.

He reports interesting meetings with many prestigious people along the way (some of whom committed suicide, some were murdered, and one was hacked to death!).

During his espionage days (his code name was Esau) his home was bugged, he was followed on foot and had his home ransacked; he also had death threats. It was said that information gained through his spy work helped to shape British policy. Deep dedication and commitment to his ideals underpinned his years as a spy.

But he also remembers a past life where he was thrown from the top of an Egyptian temple and was the girlfriend of Ramses II.

He dreamt the date of a national election and the winner (John Major) and he predicted that a teacher at one of the schools that he owned would commit suicide.

Nicholas Hagger autobiography has spiritual undertones

He describes many spiritual experiences, especially psychic knowing and presentiment, glimpses of unity and the light and his healing ability certainly helped his son’s recovery from serious illness. He saw orbs in his bedroom at Otley House, which was haunted by a girl who had been locked in a cupboard and he was forced to hide under the covers out of sheer fright.

He received a great deal of his inspiration whilst sleeping and he instigated a new spiritual movement of Universalism at Coopersale House called ‘The Foundation of the Light’ in order to bring in a ‘metaphysical revolution’. He states:

Psychic abilities might be a bridge to spiritual truth but are inferior to it.

Nicholas Hagger has an interest in the kabbalah, the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible, and states that Shakespeare, Blake, Yeats and other great artists also studied it (he studied under Warren Kenton). His spirit guide was the poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson. His poems, many of which were channelled, represent a record of his journey along the ‘Mystic Way’ and are described as shooting out of him, like rocks from the molten lava of a volcano.

Both autobiographies, part 1 and part 2 are available from all good bookshops and from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Nicholas Hagger