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The Essentials of Universalism


A philosophy of the unity of the universe and humankind, of interconnected disciplines and a World State

75 prose selections from 25 works

To be published by Liberalis Books on 29 October 2024
ISBN: 978-1-84694-593-1 (Paperback)

In A Baroque Vision Nicholas Hagger chose key passages from his verse that convey the thread of his Baroque vision. In its companion volume The Essentials of Universalism he chooses key passages from his prose works that convey the thread of his Universalism, which grew out of his Baroque perspective.

Hagger’s literary, mystical, religious, philosophical, historical, cultural and political Universalist writings are innovatory. In more than 50 books he has: set out a new approach to literature and identified its fundamental theme as a quest for the One, an infinite Reality perceived as Light; presented many mystics’ illuminations; seen the Light as the common essence of all religions; created a new philosophy of Universalism that restates the unity of the universe and challenges modern philosophy; charted the history of the rise and fall of civilisations; reconciled the divisions within world culture; and proposed a democratic World State with limited supranational power to abolish war and bring in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

The Essentials of Universalism is a stunning anthology of his writings that covers all aspects of his thinking and range. Chosen by the author himself, the excerpts include the most important passages in the Hagger canon and are representative of his vast output. This anthology makes clear the main thrust of his life’s work and is required reading for all interested in seeing how his many innovations connect.

Nicholas Hagger