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The Secret American Destiny


The Hidden Order of the Universe and the Seven Disciplines of World Culture 

Universalism and the Road to World Unity


Published by Watkins 17 November 2016
ISBN:  987-1-78028-910-6
Price: £12.99/$19.95 Paperback

The third in Nicholas Hagger’s American trilogy, The Secret American Destiny, a reflection on the underlying unity of fragmented world culture and America’s role in establishing a UN-based World State: a World Federation. The first two books in the trilogy are The Secret Founding of America and The Secret American Dream.


The Back Cover Says

America’s destiny is to create a political World State that can legislate to abolish war, famine, disease and poverty.  A unified world culture is essential if there is to be a World State, and The Secret American Destiny shows how America can be the force to heal this division by reviving

  • science’s view of the order in the universe;
  • the experience of the common essence of all religions (the ordering Light); and
  • the traditional view of order in each of the seven disciplines.

In this perceptive, thought-provoking and highly informed work, Nicholas Hagger shows how Universalism, the study of the whole of humankind’s activities, is in line to be the next American philosophy and how American Universalism can

  • challenge the secular, social approach that denies the traditional metaphysical perspective and regards the universe as an accident;
  • reconcile the traditional and modern approaches on their common regard for order; and
  • champion the prospect of world unity that will transcend all nation-states under a coming democratic World Stat


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