Review, The World Government, Geoff Ward, 29.11.2010


Book Review: The World Government

Nov 29, 2010

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Book review by Geoff Ward

In the hands of philanthropic experts and elected representatives, Nicholas Hagger claims that a world state could abolish war, famine, disease and poverty.

The collapse of the old order has left many problems for the world which the nation-state system has been unable to solve – war, poverty, pandemics, climate change, famine and financial crisis –says the well-travelled and prolific author Nicholas Hagger in this timely and well-considered work which, as its sub-title says, offers “a blueprint for a universal world state”.

As we survey the debris of the old order, in which we conduct our lives In time of transition to an interdependent, regional world not yet complete, we cannot help wondering, he say, what the best model is for the new supranational authority into which we are passing and how it would work as a reality.

This is what makes his book important right now and essential reading for anyone pondering the possibility of a political escape route to a brighter future from the seemingly unrelenting chaos and crisis of the present day.

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