His literary works have an investigative approach. In his poems and stories he investigates the Oneness of the universe and exposes the follies and vices of our time. In his two epic poems he investigates contemporary warfare. In his odes he investigates the movement from nation-state to regional grouping and a more global government. In his verse plays he investigates authoritarian government. In his autobiography he investigates inner transformation, pattern and experiences of the One. In his philosophy of literature he states the fundamental theme of world literature.

In his historical work he investigates 25 civilizations and reveals their pattern. He investigates the effect of secret societies and revolutions on Western civilization. In his eyewitness history he investigates revolutionary states. He also investigates the founding of America and the contemporary attempt to create a New World Order. In a work of statecraft he presents a blueprint for a world government.

In his philosophy he investigates the order behind the universe and its pattern. He investigates the link between the universe of space-time and the infinite. All his investigations reveal his Universalist focus, which examines literature, philosophy and history in terms of the whole of humankind. His investigative work probes our culture and reveals hidden truths about Western civilization.


Nicholas Hagger