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26 June 2011

The World Government: A Blueprint for a Universal World State

Published by O Books 21 October 2010 ISBN: 9781846943522 Price: £28.99/$47.95 Paperback   Publisher’s Outline Author of The Rise and Fall of Civilizations, Nicholas Hagger examines the alternatives, including global governance, and offers an ideal model, structure and vision for a supranational body of administrators and enforcers supported by experts in international law, and an […]

26 June 2011

The New Philosophy of Universalism: The Infinite and the Law of Order

Published by O Books 26 June 2009 ISBN: 9781846941856 Price: £24.99/$49.99 Paperback   Publisher’s Outline This book is Nicholas Hagger’s main work of philosophy. It develops the thinking in his earlier philosophical works into a comprehensive philosophy of the universe. It describes the world/universe in terms of One Reality, in terms of which every element […]

26 June 2011

The One and the Many: Universalism and the Vision of Unity

Published by Element in 1999 ISBN 1862045321 Price: £9.99/$16.95 (Canada $23.99) Paperback   Publisher’s Outline The One and the Many has three parts: In part 1 Nicholas Hagger outlines the metaphysical universe and challenges the materialistic outlook. In part 2 he redefines the place of Universalism in philosophy and challenges the direction of contemporary philosophy […]

26 June 2011

The Universe and the Light: A New View of the Universe and Reality

Published by Element in 1993 ISBN 1852304049 Price: £14.95/$24.95 Hardback ISBN  1852304138 Price: £8.99/$15.95 Paperback     Publisher’s Outline The Universe and the Light has three parts: In ‘The Nature of Light’, Nicholas Hagger reunifies knowledge in terms of the One Fire or Light. Mysticism, religion, cosmology, nature studies, the workings of the universe, physics, […]

26 June 2011

The Secret American Dream: The Creation of a New World Order with the Power to Abolish War, Poverty, and Disease

Hardback published by Watkins on 1 March 2011 in the US ISBN: 101907486682 ISBN: 9781907486685 Price $24.95 hardback Paperback published by Watkins on 1 June 2011 in the UK ISBN: 101907486534 ISBN: 9781907486531 Price £12.99 paperback   The Front Flap Says A World State: America’s Secret Dream In 1931 James Truslow Adams coined the phrase […]

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