Entry for the 10th edition of 2000 Intellectuals of the 21st Century

HAGGER Nicholas Osborne, b. 22 May 1939, London, England. British Poet; Verse Dramatist; Short Story Writer; Lecturer; Author; Man of Letters; Philosopher; Cultural Historian. m. (1) Caroline Virginia Mary Nixon, 1961, 1 daughter, (2) Madeline Ann Johnson, 1974, 2 sons. Education: MA English Literature, Worcester College, Oxford, 1958-61. Appointments: Lecturer in English, University of Baghdad, 1961-62; Professor of English Literature, Tokyo University of Education and Keio University, Tokyo, 1963-67, Tokyo University, 1964-65; Lecturer in English, University of Libya, Tripoli, 1968-70; Freelance Features for Times, 1970-72. Publications: The Fire and the Stones: A Grand Unified Theory of World History and Religion, 1991; Selected Poems: A Metaphysical’s Way of Fire, 1991; The Universe and the Light: A New View of the Universe and Reality, 1993; A White Radiance: The Collected Poems 1958-93, 1994; A Mystic Way: A Spiritual Autobiography, 1994; Awakening to the Light: Diaries, Vol 1, 1958-67, 1994; A Spade Fresh with Mud: Collected Stories, Vol 1, 1995; The Warlords: From D-Day to Berlin, A Verse Drama, 1995; A Smell of Leaves and Summer: Collected Stories, Vol 2, 1995; Overlord, The Triumph of Light 1944-1945: An Epic Poem, Books 1 & 2, 1995, Books 3-6, 1996, Books 7-9, 10-12, 1997; The One and the Many, 1999; Wheeling Bats and a Harvest Moon: Collected Stories, Vol 3, 1999; Prince Tudor, A Verse Drama, 1999; The Warm Glow of the Monastery Courtyard: Collected Stories, Vol 4, 1999; The Syndicate: The Story of the Coming World Government, 2004; The Secret History of the West: The Influence of Secret Organisations on Western History from the Renaissance to the 20th Century, 2005; Classical Odes: Poems on England, Europe and a Global Theme, and of Everyday Life in the One, 2006; The Light of Civilization, 2006; Overlord, one-volume edition, 2006; Collected Poems, 1958-2005, 2006; Collected Verse Plays, 2007; Collected Short Stories: A Thousand and One Mini-Stories or Verbal Paintings, 2007; The Secret Founding of America, 2007 (reissued 2016); The Rise and Fall of Civilizations: Why Civilizations Rise and Fall and What Happens When They End, 2008; The Last Tourist in Iran, 2008; The New Philosophy of Universalism, 2009; The Libyan Revolution, Its Origins and Legacy, A Memoir and Assessment, 2009; Armageddon, The Triumph of Universal Order, An Epic Poem on the War on Terror and of Holy-War Crusaders, 2010; The World Government, A Blueprint for a Universal World State, 2010; The Secret American Dream: The Creation of a New World Order with the Power to Abolish War, Poverty and Disease, 2011; A New Philosophy of Literature: The Fundamental Theme of World Literature, The Vision of the Infinite and the Universalist Literary Tradition, 2011; A View of Epping Forest, 2012; My Double Life 1: This Dark Wood, A Journey into Light, Episodes and Pattern in a Writer’s Life, 2015; My Double Life 2: A Rainbow over the Hills, The Vision of Unity, Episodes and Pattern in a Writer’s Life, 2015; Selected Poems: Quest for the One, 2015; Selected Stories: Follies and Vices of the Modern Elizabethan Age, 2015; The Dream of Europa, 2015; The First Dazzling Chill of Winter: Collected Stories Vol 6, 2016; Life Cycle and Other New Poems 2006-2016, 2016; The Secret American Destiny: The Hidden Order of the Universe and the Seven Disciples of World Culture, Universalism and the Road to World Unity, 2016; Peace for our Time: A Reflection on War and Peace and a Third World War, 2017; World State: How a democratically-elected World Government can replace the UN and bring peace, 2018; World Constitution: Constitution for the United Federation of the World, 2018; King Charles the Wise: The Triumph of Universal Peace, 2018; Visions of England: Poems selected by The Earl of Burford, 2019; Archive of papers and manuscripts held by The University of Essex (The Albert Sloman Library) as a Special Collection; Awarded the Gusi Peace Prize for Literature, 2016. Membership: Society of Authors. E-mail: info@nicholashagger.co.uk Website: www.nicholashagger.co.uk

Nicholas Hagger